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New Deal Every Monday!
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Inside the Toaster

We get it. It's the holiday season. We're trying to sell products. You're trying to buy something for every parent, aunt, uncle cousin, friend etc. A lot of times you're stuck because you have no idea what anyone wants. Do they have it already? Will they like it? Who knows, who cares. Reading this you may think to yourself 'shit I don't even know what I want. 

While you have a problem, we have a solution. We have the Phonesoap 3. Not only do we have the Phonesoap 3, we are offering it to you at only $49.99. If you don't understand the relevance of this I can explain it quite simply. It retails everywhere else for $79.99. 'Yes we get that you're offering the coolest damn product on the market for $49, but what does it even do?' Well, somebody in the science world conducted research that revealed your phone is 18x as dirty as the toilet you sit on to do #2. Phonesoap 3 targets the germs on your phone and destroys them using UV rays. It also charges your phone while doing this. It's literally awesome. Don't have a dirty iPhone 6s this holiday. Buy the damn thing. You won't regret it.

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Its Toasty


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